Hi! Nice to meet you and welcome to our little world of sustainable basics. 

We are a small team of enthusiasts with design and garment production background. After working in the fashion industry for many years ourselves, we have seen and faced many negative sides of it. Not only is it one of the most polluting industries, but most of the garments are made by people who are underpaid and work in unsafe environments. Should this be something you are unfamiliar with, we’d suggest you to Google Rana Plaza’s tragedy or “The True Cost” documentary. This should give you an idea.

Our firstborn is a product called basic T. The story with this one is simple. We were searching for a good quality, basic t-shirt without any big images, logos or texts on it. Just a casual shirt that you can wear with almost everything and which will never go out of style. For us it was important to find a sustainable option including a transparent production cycle. As it became too hard to find, we decided to do it ourselves. 

Our basic T is made from organic cotton and the fabric is produced in Estonia. 

Why organic instead of regular cotton?

  • Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Also, this means 46% less climate impact compared to conventionally grown cotton (Textile Exchange Report, 2016).
  • Organic cotton requires less water and is better for the environment, for farmers, and for us.
  • The majority of organic cotton is completely handpicked which preserves the length and strength of the fibers, which leads to a stronger, more durable textile once the cotton has been woven.
  • GOTS certified fabric. 

    It is recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles (clothing, home textiles and personal care products) made
    from certified organically produced raw materials. It includes strict environmental and social criteria for operations along
    the entire textile supply chain.

 All our basic Ts are sewed in Estonia. 

By choosing a local manufacturer, avoiding child and forced labour can be guaranteed. All the safety requirements and working conditions are regulated by the law. More than that, for us it is important to promote the country of Estonia as a high quality fabric and garment manufacturer. By producing locally, we aim to do our share to keep Estonian garment industry alive.

All in all, we could produce our t-shirts at least four times cheaper by using regular cotton and manufacturers in Asia – but for us, it is not about the profit. Our mission is to change the industry. 

We hope you join us for this journey!